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Here is our first second of TOR - The Open Review of Social Sciences.  TOR has been developed as a collaboration between postgraduate students from the SWDTC, to create a platform for students to publish their work, gain skills in peer reviewing and develop insights into working on an academic journal.  Please click TOR Issue 2 February 2016  to access the journal.  The previous edition can be found here.

Placement opportunities at Bath's Public Engagement Unit

When U.S.-China space cooperation wasn't just a Hollywood fantasy - by Cameron Hunter, an ESRC funded Politics PhD student

New Models of Community Energy - A blog by ESRC Environment, Energy & Resilience student, Jack Nicholls

Global Decision Making on Synthetic Biology at the UN Convention on Biological Diversity - A blog by ESRC Global Political Economy student, Molly Bond who observed the convention in Montreal

'Shot Pakistani Girl': The limitation of girls education discourses in UK newspaper coverage of Malala Yousafzai - An article by ESRC Politics student, Rosie Walters

Families separated by bars - the home truths about sending mothers to prison - An article by ESRC Social Policy student, Natalie Booth

Why is there a difficult absence of water demand forecasting in the UK? - A blog by ESRC Environment, Energy & Resilience student, Ed Atkins

Does the Paris agreement live up to the expectations of the next generation? - An article by ESRC Environment, Energy & Resilience student, Jack Nicholls

Find out about what happened at our our SWDTC Student Conference 2015

Youth Engagement in Politics - A BBC Wiltshire radio interview with ESRC SWDTC Politics student, Ben Bowman

The Vote at 16  - Read this blog post by ESRC SWDTC Politics student, Ben Bowman, who makes the case for lowering the voting age to engage young people in politics

Exploring the Impact of Tasers in the UK - Read about ESRC Security, Conflict & Justice student Abi Dymond's research exploring a controversial area of policing policy 

Visit our SWDTC Student Conference 2014 page to watch a short film about the events on 5th November 2014 - which offers a snapshot of the conference and the work of SWDTC and the PGR community in the South West.