Information for Partner Organisations

Supported by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) the SWDTC brings together MA/MSc and PhD students from across the social sciences, from the universities of Bath, Bristol and Exeter.

The SWDTC aims to be a networked organisation, with our work, practice and researchers engaged with as wide a community of external individuals and partner organisations as possible.

We work in collaboration with partner organisations in a number of ways.  This can be anything from co-organising events or networking sessions; designing a piece of research together; or putting one of our students into a work placement, if their research is relevant and useful to a partner organisation.

Our research students are highly qualified in a number of different fields, including economics, statistics, data gathering and analysis. Many have come from professional backgrounds themselves, and returned mid-career for further study. The feedback we have from both students and organisations participating in our placement schemes is very positive. Our placement scheme usually involves a student working either full- or part-time on a specific project or proposal – locally, nationally or internationally.  

Placements or other forms of collaboration are straightforward to organise.  If you think you might be interested in getting involved with the SWDTC, in the first instance please feel free to contact our Collaboration Facilitator Rob Keegan, for a chat about how we might work together. 

The SWDTC can provide the following support for your organisation:

  • Identify and target students to support your work, if it is relevant to the broad output of SWDTC research priorities
  • Advertise placement posts to our south west-based student community
  • Provide academic supervision during the placement period
  • Promote other recruitment activities from your organisation
  • Cover the whole or part of the placement costs (subject to terms and conditions)
  • Work with you to co-produce, design or discuss other potential collaborations: events, lectures, networking opportunities or research projects that make the most of your organisation’s strengths and our research output and expertise