Student-Led Collaboration

The SWDTC has ring-fenced funding for collaborative activities proposed and developed by our student communities. Funding of up to £5000 can be secured for a conference, event, workshop, network or other kind of activity.  Such activities must involve external (non-academic) organisations and partners relevant to the research or discipline.

Requests for these funds must be made through a formal application which is then considered by the Academic Advisory Board (AAB).  The AAB will need to understand the following:

  • Collaborative aspects of the activity
  • Potential impact of the activity – short, medium and longer term

If successful, the organisers must work with the Collaboration Facilitator to develop and promote the event, as well as write a brief report on its impact.

It is strongly recommended that you arrange an informal conversation with the Collaboration Facilitator, Rob Keegan, before submitting you application, for further information about the SWDTC’s collaboration priorities and aims.  Please click here to download the Student Led Collaboration Application Form‌.