Advanced Training 

The ESRC has now closed funding for Advanced Traning Events.  Events that were granted funding before the scheme closed but have not yet taken place are still open and are listed below.

Details of all ESRC funded national Advanced Training events can be viewed on the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM) website and all SWDTC students and ESRC funded postgraduates are eligible. 

The ESRC funds a range of data and methods services to support research and study.  It provides resources needed to access high quality socio-economic data and to develop research skills.


Forthcoming Advanced Training Events:

Please keep an eye on this page for information about Advanced Training events.

Previous Advanced Training Events:

How to Map Issues: Mixed Methods for Tracing Topical Affairs Across Settings, Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th September 2016

Mixing it up: an advanced level introduction to Mixed Methods Research in the Health and Social Sciences, Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st June 2016

Workshop on Quantitative Approaches to Gender Research, 6th June 2016, University of Exeter

Please follow this link to information about Advanced Training Programmes on Gender run by the Centre for Political Thought at the University of Exeter

Python/PsychoPy programming for behavioural science studies, Wednesday 8th - Friday 10th June  2016

Researching digital identities in health contexts, 10th March 2016, University of Bath

Writing about violence, 3rd & 4th December 2015, University of Bristol

Masterclass in Interpretive Policy Analysis, 3rd December 2015, University of Bath

Hearing, Seeing, Doing: Reflexivity, Creativity & Collaborations in Research, 29th & 30th October 2015, University of Bath

Critical perspectives on creative and participatory research methods, 29th & 30th September 2015, University of Bristol

Negotiating politics and policy: Exploring the challenges of research in developing countries, 9th September 2015, University of Bath

Economic Design - The economist as an engineer, 14th & 15th July 2015, University of Exeter

Two workshops on the interdisciplinary approaches to the study of political ideas - 3-4 June 2015 at University of Exeter.  See the full ‌ programme here.

Three workshops that are part of a series of events in 'Interdisciplinary and Integrated Research' and 'Methodology in Political Theory' at the University of Exeter

Is my research feminist? - 6th May 2015, University of Bristol

Advanced Asset Pricing - 30th March 2015, University of Bristol

The Legal Landscapes of Sharing Economies - 19th & 20th March, University of Bristol

How to have an impact on policy debate and decision making - 30th January 2015, University of Bath

Review of Linear Regression using STATA - 20th & 21st November 2014, University of Bristol

Ethnography on the go: the dilemmas of contemporary fieldwork - 10th / 11th / 17th November 2014, University of Bristol

The constructivist turn in the empirical and normative study of political representation - 13th November 2014, University of Exeter 

Introduction to STATA - 5th & 6th November 2014, University of Bristol

Universal legal capacity and mental disability: the arguments and the challenges - 22nd October 2014, Exeter University

Framing Qualitative Analysis Data

Time and Space in Sociolegal Analysis

Theoretical and Normative-Oriented Research, Final Event 14th May 2014

Multilevel Modelling Using Strata

Modelling Spatial Heterogeneity with Geographically Weighted Models

Foundations of Rational Choice Theory