The SWDTC is governed by a Management board and an Academic advisory board.

SWDTC Management Board

The SWDTC Management Board has overall strategic and financial responsibility for the SWDTC under a formal 'Partnership Agreement'.  

Professor Paddy Ireland, University of Bristol

Professor Sally Barnes, University of Bristol

Professor Esther Dermott, University of Bristol

Professor David Galbreath, University of Bath

Dr Ed Keogh, University of Bath

Professor Anne Barlow, University of Exeter

Professor Debra Myhill, University of Exeter

Ian Harwood, Redburn

Vacancy - External Public Sector

Sonja Ho, SWDTC Manager


Dates and locations of 2017 Management Board meetings are as follows

7th February, University of Exeter

18th May, University of Bath

11th July, location TBC

1st November, location TBC